Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No news

pNo news to report here. /ppAnyone who doubts the ability of newspaper proprietors to entirely dictate the pace of public discourse will surely be revising their views today with the contrast between Coulston / NoTW hacking 1,000s of mobile phones (yesterday's news!) and long sagas of Damian McBride talking about the possibility of a bit of political black-baggery / BBC having to deal with a bit of over-the-phone rudeness to an ageing actor./ppKinda makes the previous post here look a trifle optimistic, dunnit?/ppSo, instead, here's a link to The Boomtown Rats' 'a href=""Someone Looking At You/a.' They were actually a not-bad band towards the end. The whole a href=""Mondo Bongo LP/a is very good, and quite overlooked perhaps because it's bookended by the bigger selling earlier hits and Geldof's post-Rats big noise./ppa href=""Hurts Hurts/a is standout from that one. /pdiv class="blogger-post-footer"img width='1' height='1' src=''//div

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