Friday, July 24, 2009

Invisible Hand Coldcocks Dan Riehl.

a href=""Poor wanker/a:br /br /p/pblockquoteUnfortunately, I must also note that back on July 8th I noted that it was my birthday and, if anyone wanted, they could always hit the tip jar. The sum total of that haul was $0. /p/ppI don't think I've done a bleg a year in about six years out here. Whatever the reason, they never generate anything. Perhaps the blogging just isn't worth enough, or I don't do them well, or do them often enough to encourage tips, or I've never gotten the feel for it, to make it an effective activity. Whatever. I don't even like discussing this in a post./p pBut I am disappointed to see some would be fans so quick to cut and run./p/blockquotebr /br /Yes, shouldn't Dan's readers show at least the same level of compassion that Dan showed to, say, a href=""his late brother/a?p/ppspanspanspan class="IL_SPAN"br //span/span/span/pblockquotespanspanspan class="IL_SPAN"He died/span alone, probably of aids for all I know and probably in a San Francisco flop house living on the government's dime./span/spanspanspanspan class="IL_SPAN"/span/span/span/blockquotespanspanspan class="IL_SPAN"br /br /(That, btw, was meant to span style="font-style: italic;"refute /spana href=""John Cole's charge/a that Dan is a homophobe./span/span/span Mission not really accomplished.)br /br /I'm pretty sure Dan's blog fail confirms the efficacy of capitalism span style="font-style: italic;"and /spanthe genius of a href=""Herbert Spencer/a. Nifty!div class="blogger-post-footer"img width='1' height='1' src=''//div

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