Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Agong's Titah

Smooth Transition, please. I've just read YB Jeff Ooi's posting from Parliament entitled Abdullah's fate sealed.

Abdullah's fate sealed


Rocky's Bru, and for that matter Najib's boys who hinted at an unprecedented Vote of Confidence in Abdullah Badawi in the Parliament to enable him carry on as the PM post-M arch, is dashed.

The Agong recorded his thanks to Abdullah for his service in his Royal Address at the Parliament today. The Agong also wished for a smooth leadership transition in March.

Also, blogs and bloggers were mentioned for their perceived negativity in the Royal Address. I may have pioneered socio-political blogging, but just don't blame me for the government's inability to handle the phenomenon of blogs in this digital age.

It does look like I'd be proven wrong in my blogpost here.

I hope that will the case.

Read the Agong's titah here and here.

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